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Serge Gainsbourg - Confidentiel, 1964.

Serge Gainsbourg - Confidentiel


  1. Chez les yé-yé
  2. Sait-on jamais où va une femme quand elle vous quitte
  3. Le talkie-walkie
  4. La fille au rasoir
  5. La saison des pluies
  6. Elaeudanla Teiteia
  7. Scenic Railway
  8. Le temps des yoyos
  9. Amour sans amour
  10. No No Thanks No
  11. Maxim's
  12. Negative Blues

The first true Gainsbourg masterpiece and the results of his experiments with jazz of wich he was a great fan.

Nice jazz songs with a very "Saint German des Prés" atmosphere.

Serge is here with some superb jazz musicians like Elek Bacsik on guitar and Michel Gaudry on double bass.

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You can listen to those tunes on this CD :