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Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelson , 1971.

Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelson


  1. Melody
  2. Ballade de Melody Nelson
  3. Valse de Melody
  4. Ah ! Melody
  5. L'hôtel particulier
  6. En Melody
  7. Cargo culte

The best of Gainsbourg is probably just here on this 28 minutes records. Sometimes considered as one of the best album of french music and even pop music. Everything is there.

I'm not saying it. Beck does ! (yes, the Beck). Let me please quote his own words : one of the greatest marriages of rock band and orchestra. . It's very cool and its dynamic is genius - there's this band that's completely rocking on this almost acid tangent, but they're buried in the mix with him (Gainsbourg) whispering on top, and he's the loudest thing on it. The song Paper Tiger on Beck's Sea Change happens to be a tribute to Melody.

This incredible concept album, a mystical porn tribute for an english red headed 15 year old girl named Melody Nelson (Jane Birkin, of course) mixes superb french texts (you're missing something if you dont understand, as usual with Serge Gainsbourg) and an incredible music, with Jean-Claude Vannier's orchestration.

A classic wich mixes ballads, waltz, basic rock'n'roll, experimentations (En Melody with his funky drummer rythm over Jane Birkin's laughters samples. In 1971 !) and even gothic opera (the now famous Cargo Culte).

This is where some of Beck and Air comes from. Now come and get the true flavor.

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You can listen to those tunes on this CD :